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Fashion & Fabric Embellishment

Our washable adhesive is used in the lingerie business to hold up stockings and on the inside of strapless bras. It is pressure sensitive and is a super way to apply Tonertex glitters and foils to fabric and textiles without heat application. The finished designs are washable and very stretchy, and are ideal for knitwear and leotards and other porous materials. Everything is permanent and fully washable. Full instructions enclosed.


Create fashions that will wash and s-t-r-e-t-c-h


PS Fabric can also be used to adhere our Polywash Glitters

These flexible empty bottles are really useful, and if you’re a group and want to share the fabric adhesive, these bottles will do the trick! However…. note that the transferred adhesive will only have a shelf life of one week. The full, factory packed bottles of PS Fabric Adhesive have a shelf life of one year.

The empty bottles are also useful for other crafts. Cake decorators find them very useful as do latte artists. Also excellent for travelling to keep liquids in your hand luggage.

Please note that we have large quantities of these bottles and can supply them in bulk in cartons of 350 units. Half our stocks of the empty bottles are in NJ, in the USA. Please contact us for more information.


These are adhesive webs or powders that traditionally used as a quick and easy way to bond, applique, hem and repair fabrics. However, you can create stunning, metallic foil finishes when they are are used together with Tonertex Foils. They can be further stitched through for extra embelishment. This process is best for decorative use, ie quilts, embroideries and fashion accessories that will not require regular washing.

Fabric Decorating Starter Kit


1x PS Fabric Adhesive
1 x A4 Bondaweb
1x Bonding Powder 25 Grams
1 x A4 Sheet Lazertrans Silk
9 Stack Polywash Glitter Tower
15 Sheets of Tonertex Foils
(100 x 200mm)
Butterfly Template
Butterfly Pattern
Full Instructions


Sold Seperately:£46.98 + FREE Write ‘n’ Rub Pen

PRICE £35.00

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